Genie Well Logo American flag Well Service Rig Oklahoma Flag WELL PLUGGING In 1984, Genie Well Service determined that its customers needed to begin plugging and abandoning many of the oil and gas wells drilled and completed in prior years. This led to the formation of a plugging and abandonment/casing pulling operation.

During the past 25+ years, Genie Well Service has become an industry leader in the plugging and abandonment segment of the service industry in the areas it serves. It has plugged several thousand wells through Oklahoma and parts of Arkansas and Texas. It enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry, earned by strict adherence to the rules and regulations of the regulatory agencies having jurisdiction and responding to the service needs of its customers.

This reputation, combined with the commitment to providing its customers with excellent service, has enabled Genie Well Service to expand its plugging operations to one of the very best in Oklahoma.

Well plugging/casing pulling consists of several basic steps; 1. Loading the wellbore with drilling mud; 2. Setting a cast iron or cement plug over all producing formations; 3. Cutting and pulling from the wellbore any recoverable production casing (steel pipe); 4. Setting cement plugs necessary for protection of treatable ground water; and 5. Cutting off any casing remaining in the wellbore (steel pipe) below ground level and welding a steel cap over the casing.

The plugging procedure and operations in the field are very tightly regulated by the states in which the wells are located. In Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission regulates the procedure and operation; in Arkansas, the Arkansas Oil & Gas Commission; in Texas, the Texas Railroad Commission.

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