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Name:* Address:* City:* State:* Zip Code:* Cell Phone:* Home Phone: Date of Birth:* Email:* Do you have a valid CDL Oklahoma License?* Do you have a valid Oklahoma Driver's License?* Do you have any oilfield experience?* Please list your last two places of Employment: Dates of Employment:* Start:*    End:*    Name of Employer:* Name of Supervisor:* Position:* Reason for Leaving:* Dates of Employment: Start:    End:    Name of Employer: Name of Supervisor: Position: Reason for Leaving: Referred By:* Do you have upcoming appointments needing days off? When:    No. Days:    By initialing the following, you authorize GENIE WELL SERVICE, INC. to check your driving record and you acknowledge that this may be done from time to time after you are employed. Initial here:*    By signing below, you authorize GENIE WELL SERVICE, INC. to check your former employment record and you do further agree to submit to a drug screen as a condition of employment with GENIE WELL SERVICE, INC. 05-18-2024 Signature* Date
Employment Questionnaire Jan. 2019

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