The FIeld
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Genie Well Service Rig #1



Genie Well Service operates six late model, well maintained Crane Carrier well service rigs from its facility in Crescent, Oklahoma.

The fleet consists of 4 - 300 series, 5 axle, 215,000# double derrick rigs with 8V71 Detroit Diesel power; 1 - 400 series, 5 axle, 215,000# double derrick rig with 8V-92 turbo Detroit Diesel power; and 1 - 200 series, 4 axle, 165,000# single derrick with 8V71 Detroit Diesel power. All rigs feature double drum drawworks. The double derricks are equipped with hydromatic braking systems. Depth ranges are up to 20,000’.

The Company’s rig fleet is subject to an extensive preventative maintenance program which emphasizes repairs and maintenance before a breakdown -- not after. In addition, the Company has implemented a re-furbishment program, under which each rig in the fleet is scheduled on a periodic basis for a full inspection, repair, mast magnaflux and repainting by a third party rig service company.

In addition, the Company has tongs, slips, elevators, and other similar tools for a smooth operation.

Genie Well Service is an industry leader in the well plugging and casing pulling segment of the energy service industry. Thus, the Company has a wide range of the specialized tools needed for well plugging - such as casing tongs, casing slips, casing elevators, etc.

Genie Well Service is very proud of its equipment and its maintenance standards. These standards have enabled it to keep an ever growing group of customers very pleased with its service.

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