Genie Well Service was founded in early 1981 by Kenneth Valliquette, Corbett Stovall and Michael Stovall as a one rig oil and gas well servicing contractor with a yard in Crescent, Oklahoma. The goal of the Company then, as it is now, was to provide the highest quality well servicing to oil and gas producers, tailored to the needs of each of its customers. The Company focused its early efforts upon providing services to smaller, independent oil and gas companies in its area.

The Company experienced solid, continuous growth from the beginning by providing first class service to its customers. Despite the down turn of the oil industry in the early to mid 1980ís, Genie Well Service grew, adding new rigs in 1981, 1983, 1984; and adding additional rigs in 1988 and 1996. These additions brought its rig fleet to its current level of six rigs - all of which are 1979 or newer. These rigs are maintained to the highest standards through an extensive Preventative Maintenance Program and a Refurbishment Program.

The growth of the Company has been helped greatly by its outstanding employees. The Company has many long-term employees who, together with new recruits, combine to create an experienced, conscientious, customer driven work force that is the best in the industry!

As Genie Well Service enters the 21st century, it is uniquely positioned as the provider of the well servicing and well plugging needs to an ever expanding customer base of oil and gas companies (ranging from the small independent to the large integrated majors) which are receiving first class service throughout Oklahoma and parts of Arkansas and Texas.

The Company continues to be run by two of its founders - Kenneth Valliquette and Michael Stovall, who are committed to excellence in their industry.

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